How to get a loan


  • Latest original payslip
  • Two months bank statement reflecting salary
  • Employment confirmation letter
  • A valid copy of Omang
  • An expired Omang together with copy of the receipt for Omang renewal
  • A valid Passport (for non citizens)
  • If married copy of marriage certificate
  • Spouse consent letter (COP)
  • Be 21 years and above
  • Permanently employed

How do I apply for a loan?

Apply Online

Visit /Call the nearest Branch

Call one of our accredited Sales Consultants

How much can I borrow?

From P4000 up to P100 000.00

Loan process

Upon reaching our head office a responce will be made within 48 hours

Approved: money about to be paid
Pending: Loan Application missing certain information
Declined: Loan application rejected

How to receive my money?

To be credited into your bank account as per your bank statement

Cheque can only be issued to those without bank accounts

How do I pay back the loan?

To be deducted from source

If not deducted, deposit directly into company bank account and use identity number as your reference number

What happen if dont pay the loan?

Your employer will be notified and asked why payment was not made

You will also be notified and advised to pay through the bank

Details of the Products

Term: 6 - 60 months

Loan Amount: P4,000 - P100,000

Interest rate: 2,5% - 4.16% (per month)

Interim Interest: 60 days

Administration Fee: P2.03 (VAT) for every P1,000 per month

Instalment: P152.34 - P3,788.95 (per month)

APR: 38.99% - 84.55% (per year)

Cost of Credit: P1,024.17 - P128,503.30